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The 2099 Underground Revised

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Moon Knight 2099UGR #8 - Jason McDonald

X-Men 2099UGR #7 - John Bush


Flying cars and holographic servants. Corporations spanning cities. Puppet governments run solely by those same corporate powers. Policemen once designated to "serve and protect" the populace now do so only for those under a subscription plan. Cyberspace is literally a world of its own; with people plugging in under custom-designed, digitized "archetypes". Legalized designer drugs are all the rage. Entire religions revolve around the icons of a lost heroic age. The true heroes they worship; however, are few and far between.

Until now.

Welcome to the world of the 2099 UnderGround Revised. Proudly continuing the adventures of the now-defunct Marvel 2099 line in digitized text format and still going ten years strong.

Venture on..._


02.05.08 - The season finale of Fantastic Four 2099 has been released!

In Fantastic Four 2099UGR Volume 2 #12, the Fantastic Four clones finally discover who is responsible for their creation, and why. And they learn this information from the last person they ever expected...DOCTOR DOOM!

Meanwhile, Shandra remains imprisoned by the Stark-Fujikawa Corporation. Can the Fantastic Four clones rescue her as well as deal with the shocking implications of their origins? Surprises, answers, and revelations fly wild in this exciting finale to the second volume of Fantastic Four 2099UGR!

Also, with the release of this issue, the 2099 Underground Revised officially goes on a three month hiatus, in order to move our site over to Altered Visions where we will become a sub-imprint under the AV banner. And, kicking off this merging of the minds, we'll be releasing a powerful crossover that just happens to feature the Fantastic Four 2099!

So expect us to come out of this hiatus swinging, with new issues, new faces and an event that will rock your socks! Until then, ladies and gents.

Jason McDonald
Assistant Editor_

12.10.07 - can...zzzt....czn you...zztt....chzzzt....can you hear me? Can you hear me now? Ah, there we go.

Alright. We're back at broadcast frequency. Let me say sorry we had to go dark for so long. Both Dave and I unfortunately got bogged down with the oh-so-dreaded real life concerns. For me, it was a mix between the busiest school semester I've had in awhile, and a variety of other projects I was trying to get off the ground, not to mention that on top of all that, we've been pretty behind deadline getting issues ready. Anywho, we are back for the moment, ready to deliver some long-awaited and seriously-rockin' issues of the 2099 UNDERGROUND REVISED! However, we can't stay for too long.

Dave and I discussed the state of the 2099UGR site, and we have come to the sorry conclusion that, in order to get everything back on track, site-wise (That means meeting our issue deadlines and straightening out some of the archiving snafus on-site that have occurred as of late) that we'd need to take a hiatus of sorts. During the hiatus, there'd be no issues being released. HOWEVER, we'd still be there behind the scenes, writing backlogs of issues for ourselves so that when we do begin our regular round of releases again, we're farther ahead this time and less likely to fall as behind as we have. So, since neither of us want this to happen again, that seems to be the best solution right now. Sorry to deliver the not-so-good news.

HOWEVER, not all is doom and gloom. Before we go, we have some treats for everyone to just devour! (No. No, get your mouth OFF the computer screen. Not talking literally here, thankew.)

First off, we have the long-awaited Moon Knight 2099UGR #8, by yours truly.

In this epic issue, Marq and Gale finally resolve their issues of trust after her recovery from a near-fatal encounter with a deadly Downtown gang war - and along the way, we learn a little bit about Gale's past as well. Not only that, but a visit from some of Stark-Fujikawa's finest gives Marq a clue just how dangerous his very existence at the Docs in a Box can be, leading to a turning point that neither Gale nor Marq could ever have anticipated!

"Recovery" is the name of the game in more ways than one! Enjoy this dramatic turning point in the life of the Moon Knight!

Next on tap is 2099UGR Spotlight #3 - by Jason McDonald and David Ellis - in which Dave and I comment on David's very first Blade 2099UGR story first presented in the digital pages of 2099UGR Unlimited #1!

We compare Chen (The Blade 2099 incarnation) to the Eric Brooks Blade of the present day, shed some light on the back history of this origin issue and discuss a little bit about where Dave's image of a 2099 version of Blade is inspired from, along with our usual goofball digressions and careening trains of thought. Enjoy the commentary, ladies and gents!

Be on the lookout for Dave's exciting season finale of his powerhouse Fantastic Four 2099UGR series, Fantastic Four 2099UGR #12v2, coming out later this month.

After the Hiatus (which will be at least three months long), we have some new proposals we are keeping close to the vest, so look for some new surprises when we return as well as the same old 2099UGR goodness you all know and love! So, Fantastic Four later this month, and then we'll see you all in a few months' time with some amazing issues to knock your socks off! Until the next time, ladies and gents!

Jason McDonald, Assistant Editor..._

10.04.07 - Sorry ladies and gents, for the advertisement sneak attacks of Tripod. Unfortunately, the SmartFTP software isn't being so 'smart', leaving our state-of-the-art site in traction for the time being. So we're relying on our not-so-state-of-the-art back-up system on Tripod for the moment.

But never fear! We have a brand-new issue of 2099UGR Unlimited for you today, as well as a preview for the Fantastic Foursome's phenomenal finale!

Jason McDonald is back for another Metalscream story in 2099UGR Unlimited #11. In this "Thousand-Word Week", Litany Kirkpatrick spends the week being extensively trained in the art of technomancy. The catch? She has to stay sober.

And in the preview, Fantastic Four 2099UGR #12v2 by David Ellis, get a sneak-peek at the final issue of Volume Two. The clones of the Fantastic Four discover the identity of their "Progenitor", the one who cloned them ... but can they trust this information when it comes from none other than the Doom of 2099?

David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief_ and Jason McDonald, Assistant Editor_


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