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Moon Knight 2099UGR
The Downtown Buzzbin:_

So begins the first post of a new style web haven for the Moon Knight 2099UGR mini-series and ongoing series. I'm Jason McDonald, digital author and your cyberspace companion in navigating the vastness that is this website. Although, my navigation skills are mostly limited to laughing cruelly at you while chunging a diet coke. You're welcome.

Seriously, though. This is the main website for my Moon Knight series. Maybe I'll post other fanfic here, maybe some art, maybe some other bits. If I truly feel the need. Or...if I can get off my lazy arse and actually DO something for once.

Wish me luck. We'll both need it.

Jason McDonald..._

I'm Wade. Which Slider are you?

Moon Knight 2099 Central Mainframe..._

Burned into rom:

Moon Knight 2099 #1: "Glimmer" by Jason McDonald
This is where it all started, folks! A strange, nameless man discovers himself naked and alone in the bowels of a lonely cargo ship headed for the bio-waste hazard zone of Detroit. And when he makes his second discovery, all HELL breaks loose! It all snowballs from here in a tale I like to call "Glimmer"!

Moon Knight 2099 #2: "Silver Lining" by Jason McDonald
Escaping that cargo transport has left him with nearly every bone in his body shattered seemingly beyond repair. As corporate forces amass to cover up the transport fiasco and re-capture their lost specimen, our hero is left to fend for himself against the gleeful psychosis of an electronic "how-to" manual hidden inside his nanotech suit. Shockin' Hel, what kinda "Silver Lining" is this?

More rom space needed. Commencing linkage procedures. Watch this space..._

Streets leading out of Detonation Boulevard..._

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