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Who Will Carry The Torch....?

The false Captain America murdered the heroes on national television.

We all watched in horror as the Hulk, Metalscream, Galahad and the Minister of Punishment himself were all mowed down in crystal-clear surround sound. We witnessed the death order coming from the Star-Spangled President himself; I mean, how could we not? Watching the slaughter was mandatory. And through it all, we could do nothing but look on as the only ones brave enough to take on the corporate machine were ended by Wave Spiders, UHF sound cannons, ludgate rods and the most ruthless SHIELD firing squads money could buy.

Times pass. The Captain is dead.

But his brutal legacy has not died with him.

Someone needs to keep this from happening ever again; the corps must pay for their crimes.

These heroes must be avenged.


AVENGERS 2099 - It's pretty much only a matter of time before there is an Avengers team in the 2099verse, since a lot of the old names have come back. But how do we present the future Avengers in a way that's not a rehash of the old "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" and brings something new to the game with a different status quo?

Simple: rather than a public team of superheroes who tackle threats no single hero could handle alone, these new Avengers are a shadowy group of reactionaries who avenge fallen superheroes by striking back at those responsible for their deaths.

Spinning out of the infamous "Night of the Long Knives" (the president-ordered execution of heroes Punisher, Hulk, Metalscream, and Litany) in 2099 Genesis, these Avengers would actually live up to their moniker and avenge the wrongs committed on 2099 superhero population.

Submissions and/or proposals go to: Editor-in-Chief David Ellis, or Assistant Editor Jason McDonald.

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