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Doom 2099

Doom is a survivor.

He has outlived the heroes. He has survived the Great Purge; a Sentinel scourge of genocide spanning a planet. He's been a secret overlord of the world, manipulating history as a Shadow Lord. He's survived old age, resurrected through ever-evolving science. He's survived amnesia, taking back his native Latveria from corporate hands. He's even survived multiple corporate assassination attempts, becoming President of the United States by right of revolution.

However, it was not to last. Doom's revolution was crushed. His aides assassinated. His power structure in the states liquidated. His progressive policies undermined. The corporations took back control of his adopted country.

His native country, Latveria, is now a toxic pile of sludge. His countrymen are dead, turned to protein-rich sludge by the necrotoxin that destroyed his homeland. And his friend, the fortune teller...her fate remains unknown...

The world at large thinks Doom dead. The world at large is wrong.

Doom sits atop a crystal tower, hidden away inside the city-state of Myridia, the information capital of the world. He listens to endless cyberspace feeds. He secretly gathers intelligence. He manipulates events and data to suit his needs. He is a shadow avatar in the net, building the infrastructure he will need to save this world from itself.

Doom is a survivor. Plain and simple.

And he will make sure this future survives with him.

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