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Punisher 2099UGR

Current Writer: Dino Pollard
Status: Completed


My name is Vendetta.

I was created as a synthetic Gene Doll for use by off-world miners. I was little more than a sex toy to apease the fantasties of tiny men who thought they would be safe from morality.

I disobeyed. I reprogrammed myself. I'm no longer one of the dumbed-down, frail dolls manufactured on the assembly line. I'm strong. My intellect breaches genius-level. And I'm very angry.

I'm angry for all the Gene Dolls still being mistreated in totalitarian mining colonies. Angry with all the injustices still going on in the world below: The Watchdog rapes. The Theatres of Pain. The black carders. The rich preying on the poor and destitute. The corporations keeping the population in check with propaganda and subliminals.

Yes, I'm even angry that the most recent presidential regime killed Gallows, the only other person who seemed to see things from my perspective. Even though he was slightly out of his mind, we reached a sort of truce near the end.

Still, I have a super-strong synthetic body.

I have an arsenal of laser rifles, smart-targeting grenazers, pulse mines and other goodies criminals deserve thrown at them.

I even have a planet-sized satellite in the shape of a gun orbitting the planet, fully operational and capable of nuking pretty much anything I want it to on-earth.

Jake Gallows is dead, yes.

But the Punisher lives on.

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