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Strange 2099

Yo! I'm Strange.

No, no, Strange is my name, not my label. Vid?

I'm in training to become the next Master of the Mystic Arts and so far, I think I got a decent handle on my powers. This weird Eye of Agamotto trinket isn't as much of a pain in the rear to use as it was when I first got it, certainly. Hexes and incantantions are synchin' out more to plan than they used to. And I haven't nuked anything yet, so that's good.

Still, the big-boss seems to go on about the "future of the mystic arts" and how "it's more important than ever to have a Sorceror Supreme" to keep a lid on things. But I think it's just a line to guilt me into reading all those wretched ancient scrolls and yellowed texts. Yuck.

Still, even with the ho-hum of the library and those obnoxious training sessions, I'm having the time of my life. There's no shortage of new spells to cast. There are alternate dimensions to explore, alien vistas and ancient artifacts to uncover. So much bizarre mojo around these parts; stuff that'd really turn your head. And with the boss's help, I've actually folded myself around dimensions, mastered my astral form and bent the laws of physics into a pretzel. It's exciting stuff.

The master warns me to be careful with my explorations, or however the shock she puts it. That I'm biting off more than I can chew and all that.

But, seriously, how hard can this stuff be?


The still-in-training future Master of the Mystic Arts. Strange 2099 debuted in Spider-Man 2099 #32, assisting the SMAN in containing an uncontrollable zombie outbreak during the 2099 Mexican Day of the Dead festival.

She is a slightly arrogant teenage mystic and possesses an Eye of Agamotto, which is worn on her belt buckle. However, her control over her powers is uncertain, and her ultimate goals in life equally so. She would be a character who explores and polices the rarely-seen mystic section of this cyberpunk future world.

Mysticism and magic are evolving with the times. The line between technology and traditional magic has become as substantial as a dune in a sandstorm. Both have mingled together and naturally evolved into a contemporary form of magic known as technomantic sorcery; where incantations ride along geometric fault lines and pre-programmed microscopic equations, and machines merge in with the supernatural to create beings of undreamt power. Is there still a place for a Master of the Mystic Arts in a world where pure mysticism itself seems to be obsolete?

Perhaps more importantly, who is this teenage girl training in the arts of magic and sorcery? Where did she come from? Does she have what it takes to protect this future from evils purely mystical in origin? Or will she fail, and expose the world to a new wave mystical malevolence against which it may have no defense?

Hey, anything's possible.

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