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X-Nation 2099

Clarion, December, Uproar, Wulff, Willow, Nostromo, Metalsmith, Twilight.

Children of the Atom.
Wave of the Future.
Inheritors of the Earth.

A group of teens banded together by Shakti Haddad, these youngsters are the next generation of mutant in Halo City. Currently crashing in the still-under-construction Xavier Shelter for Indignant Children, these mutants are still learning how to control both their powers and themselves. Under the tutelage of Sister Nicholas and the Sisters of the Howling Commandments, these kids may pave the way for the future of mutantkind.

Well, I mean, if they ever start listening to the Sisters.

And, okay, maybe they should stop getting high off of milk. That, would be a good start.

And if they ever get out of detention....

...oh boy.


X-NATION 2099 - This was a series that had been cut off at the knees just as it was getting underway. Writer Tom Peyer and artist Humberto Ramos had created a fun series about homeless teenage mutants at Halo City's Xavier Shelter for Indigent Youngsters.

All they want to do is hang out and do nothing as typical slackers, but of course the militant nuns who run the shelter -- Sister Nick and her Sisterhood of the Howling Commandments -- ain't having any of that. So the kids' attempts to duck the nuns so they can goof off lead them into bizarre situations in Halo City, a city-state populated by mutants and other similar people.

While previous 2099 titles had been more or less in keeping with the "Grim & Gritty" trend that dominated the comics industry in the '90s -- violent, dark stories with occasional humor -- X-Nation stood out because it contained fun, light stories with only occasional darkness. I'd really love to see these kids show up in Unlimited or a mini-series or ongoing ... really, I want 'em however I can get 'em.

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