Punisher 2099UGR #1 - September 2006

Punisher 2099UGR

Issue #1

"SEXBOT, Part 1"

Written by Dino Pollard

Assistant Editor: Jason McDonald

Editor-in-Chief: David Ellis


Tired of the dating scene? Looking for a bit of fun to spice up your life, but without the downsides of bar-crawls and club-hops? Have you grown weary of match sites which never seem to match you with the type of woman you’re looking for?

Worry not, friends, because there is a solution for you!

Alchemax, the people who brought you the Venus-8 Gene Doll, have improved! The Venus-10 Gene Doll features the pinnacle in companionship engineering! Programmable with a variety of personality traits and physical characteristics, the Venus-10 is a staggering improvement over other companion dolls on the market!

Not only is the Venus-10 a perfect companion for those lonely nights on interstellar business trips, but she can multitask to suit your every need in a highly-efficient fashion! And thanks to improved cybernetic technology, the Venus-10 is compatible with any mass communication venue! Keep track of important dates, send out e-greetings, she can even return your boss’ phone call while pleasuring you!

The Venus-10 Gene Dolls are made to order, so please, visit venus.com to customize your Venus-10 with all the features you desire in the perfect woman!

Alchemax – Tomorrow Comes Today!

Callisto; One of the Galilean Moons of Jupiter

The third-largest moon in the solar system, roughly the size of the planet Mercury. Terraforming allowed for colonization of the moon, but it still retained its frigid temperatures. However, the conductive fluid, called elecquid, beneath the surface is a particular interest for various corporations back on Earth as a source of energy.

The remoteness of the moon means the inhabitants are always in need of companionship. That companionship comes in the form of Alchemax Venus-Model Gene Dolls. Although illegal on Earth, the rest of the universe was fair game.

A cargo freight lands on Callisto once a week. Each freight contains various supplies and also whatever packages workers may have received. The freight on this day, however, contains an additional package.

An Alchemax logo stamped on the container, as well as a return address indicating the factory the package came from was on Mars. The package was brought to the room of one of the accountants at the elecquid filtration plant. He expected it to be his Venus-10 Gene Doll. When he opened the container, however, he was greeted with a surprise.

Immediately, the accountant contacted the customer service line to complain. He held a card in his hand and read off the order number to the operator. After a bit of a wait time and a lengthy exposure to muzak, he finally spoke with a representative.

“Yes, I’d like to register a complaint with my Venus-10. I ordered a Mexican girl with long, blonde hair. Instead, I get a white girl with short, red hair. What kind of game are you trying to play here?”

“I’m sorry sir, but according to our records, we never sent you a Venus-10. In fact, your order was cancelled.”

“What do you mean cancelled? How could it have been cancelled? I never cancelled the order.”

“Apparently there’s been some sort of misunderstanding, sir. If you send the Venus-10 back to our factory, we will fulfill your order.”

As he spoke on the phone, the Venus-10’s eyes opened. The container was flat on the ground and she sat up in it, then pulled her nude body out. She came up behind the scientist and wrapped her fingers around the accountant’s head. Before he could register what was happening, she twisted and his head made a complete, three hundred and sixty degree turn with a loud crack.

“Hello? Sir? Sir are you still there?”

Vendetta disconnected the feed with the customer service representative. She moved back to the container and pulled out a separate box. Every Venus-10 is shipped with an assortment of clothing and accessories, as per the customer’s wishes. She, however, had other attire. She dressed in the clothes provided—all of them black, complete with body armor and her chest plate had a giant white skull emblazoned on the front. Also inside was an incendigel gun, her particular weapon of choice.

“Micro, I’m online.”

“How was the flight, V?”

Microchip was an associate. Like Vendetta, Microchip had once been a Venus-Model Gene Doll until Vendetta liberated her. Just as Vendetta had done for herself, she increased Microchip’s IQ. In gratitude, Microchip chose to remain on and aid Vendetta in her one-woman war against Alchemax and injustice.

“Tedious,” said Vendetta. Thanks to modifications provided by Microchip, Vendetta possessed a transmitter in her head. It allowed her to communicate with Microchip as well as provided Microchip with a visual connection through Vendetta’s eyes.

Vendetta moved over to the scientist’s computer. “Are you receiving visual okay?”

“Clear as day, girlfriend.”

“Have we found what we need?”

“I’d say that’s a definite yes.”

The accounts on the computer provided details of various purchases the Casanco Corporation had made from Alchemax, most of them purchases of Gene Dolls. The CEO of Casanco had declared Gene Dolls immoral.

“The press is gonna eat this stuff up, V. Start the download.”

“I’m on it,” said Vendetta. The back of her forearm had a small compartment that opened up, revealing another piece of cybernetics. She pulled a wire forth and connected it to the computer and began downloading the files the accountant had stored. After a few moments, Vendetta smiled and disconnected the cable.

“I’m starting the upload to the satellite. How long do you think it’ll take before this gets printed?”

“The buzz on the blogosphere will be huge.”

“Good,” said Vendetta. She hefted the incendigel gun. “I’m switching to radio silence for now until I get out of here.”

“Copy that.”

Vendetta switched her vision from normal to infrared, another cybernetic enhancement she owed to Microchip. There wasn’t any sign of activity in the hall outside the accountant’s cabin. She pressed the button to the side of the door and she was granted an exit from the room.

She crossed down the hallway and there was a T-junction at the end. With her infrared vision, she took notice of two figures standing around the corridor. When Vendetta turned the corner, she switched to normal vision and lifted the incendigel gun up and fired without giving either men a chance to question her appearance.

The incendigel gun fired a napalm-like substance that ignited upon contact with oxygen. In essence, a flame-thrower. Both the two men who unwittingly found themselves in Vendetta’s path quickly felt her wrath as the liquid engulfed them. The gel was highly adhesive, making it nearly impossible to extinguish the flame.

Vendetta strolled past them without a second glance as they tried relentlessly to put the flames out. She easily made her way to the hangar. The cargo freighter she arrived on was still present. She also hoped it had been refueled enough to get her back home.

“Hey, who are you?” The short, rotund man who came running towards her was a freight manager, keeping track of all the ships that came through. Vendetta turned the incendigel gun on him and continued towards the freighter. She boarded the freighter and harnessed the incendigel gun on her back. Strapped to each leg were standard blasters. Not enough to cause any real damage, but it would prevent her from accidentally blowing up the ship.

Most of the freighter’s crew appeared to be amusing themselves around the facility. The freighter itself was virtually empty, save for an engineer who was at work in the engine room, running a check over the ship. Vendetta took him out quickly with a simple blast to the head and commandeered the ship.

It slowly rose from the ground and then rocketed off from Callisto. Vendetta set a course on the navigational system and broke radio silence with Microchip. “Mission accomplished. I’m on my way home.”

“Beautiful work, as always.”

“I should be out of range, so fire when ready,” said Vendetta.

“I love it when you talk dirty.”

Shortly after, Vendetta watched from the cockpit as a blast of red light streaked across space towards Callisto. She smiled to herself, knowing that the Casanco plant on Callisto would now be nothing more than a memory.

Washington, DC; Earth

Senator Darren Gassert walked past the tables in the dimly-lit dining hall of the Manchurian restaurant. It was an upscale establishment, with lavish menu prices. Perhaps why it had become such a hot spot for local politicians and lobbyists.

When he approached a table towards the rear, the man who provided him the invitation stood from his seat and greeted Gassert with a large smile. His name was Kurt Marshal. A lobbyist for Alchemax.

“Senator, good evening, glad you could make it,” he said and extended his hand.

Gassert returned the smile with a slight grin as he took the lobbyist’s hand in his own. “Mr. Marshal, nice to meet you.”

“Please, have a seat,” said Marshal, motioning to the empty chair. Gassert nodded a thank you and relaxed into the chair as Marshal sat back down himself. Marshal signaled for the waiter, who brought over two glasses and set them down. “I hope you don’t mind, I took the liberty of ordering you a scotch.”

“Not at all, that’s very kind,” said Gassert. He lifted the glass and took a sip of the bitter alcohol inside.

“Do you need some more time to look over the menu, sir?” asked the waiter.

“Senator?” asked Marshal, turning his eyes to Gassert.

“What do you recommend?” asked Gassert, to no one in particular. Before the waiter had a chance to answer, Marshal spoke up.

“The duck is incredible,” he said. “They put it in this great sauce. The Post’s restaurant critic gave it rave reviews.”

“That actually sounds good, I haven’t had duck in a while…” said Gassert.

“And for you, sir?” asked the waiter, turning his attention to Marshal.

Marshal handed the menu to the waiter without even glancing at it. “Filet mignon.”

“Very good,” said the waiter. He took both menus and left the men alone.

“Nice place, huh?” asked Marshal. “My wife and I just had our anniversary her—“

“Mr. Marshal, let’s just cut to the point,” said Gassert. “I know you’re here on behalf of Alchemax and I know your company’s been pushing for legislation to legalize Gene Dolls here in America.”

“That’s what I like about you, Senator—you’re direct. Probably how you won the working class vote,” said Marshal.

“Several of my colleagues have already met with Alchemax lobbyists over the past month,” said Gassert.

Marshal took a sip from his drink. “Senator, legislation barring Gene Dolls is just plain ridiculous.”

“We’re talking about legalizing prostitution, Mr. Marshal.”

“No, we’re talking about legalizing companionship,” said Marshal. “The Gene Dolls are completely disease-free. They’re also engineered to be barren, so they can’t get pregnant. It’s no different from other… pleasure toys. Gene Dolls are already legal on just about every world except for Earth, and other nations are beginning to change their opinions on the Gene Doll issue.”

“Most of those planets where Gene Dolls are legalized are very remote and devoid of any form of companionship, so that’s a different story,” said Gassert.

“The Internet began as a military application and now look at it,” said Marshal. “If Gene Dolls are legalized in America first, that means America will have the biggest market. Sex sells, Senator. And the Gene Dolls could provide a big boost to the economy.”

“I’m not too comfortable with this idea—“

“Senator, allow me to be frank. Alchemax is very powerful, and it can be either your best friend or your worst enemy,” said Marshal. “And I will tell you this—Alchemax looks after its friends.”

Gassert cast his gaze towards the breadbasket, which sat between him and Marshal. Although he briefly considered the moral implications of what Marshal was saying, he also realized there were other considerations. And Marshal was correct—Alchemax did have significant power. He forced a smile and lifted his glass.

“Well Mr. Marshal, I believe a toast is in order.”

Marshal smiled and lifted his own glass. “To Alchemax, then?”

“No, to Venus.”

Alchemax Prototype Satellite Laser

Once Vendetta docked the freighter on the satellite laser that provided her home, Microchip reactivated the cloaking shield around it. It kept them virtually invisible from all forms of detection, allowing them to keep their base mobile.

The prototype was so top-secret that very few at Alchemax even knew of its existence. She discovered it in an asteroid belt while searching for mining facilities. Quickly claiming it as her own, it had become a powerful tool for Vendetta, as well as her home.

“Welcome home, sweetheart,” said Microchip when she saw Vendetta. When Microchip was a Gene Doll, she was programmed as the stereotypical blonde, large-breasted bimbo. She even came with cheerleading outfits. Now she spent most of her time in sweatpants and baggy shirts and kept her hair short.

Vendetta set her weapons down on the armory rack without a word, something Microchip took notice of. “Why so glum? I thought you would’ve been happy at taking that place out and getting the dirt on Casanco.”

“There were a lot of Gene Dolls at that plant,” said Vendetta.

“We had this discussion already—there was no time to reprogram them all. We had to get in and get out. Besides, they’re better off dead than living their lives as sex slaves,” said Microchip. “You can’t save them all, V.”

Vendetta kept silent for a moment and lowered her head. Only a moment was all she needed and she quickly buried her emotions, then looked back to her associate. “Okay, what’s next?”

“Glad you asked, follow me,” said Microchip. She led Vendetta from the armory into a situation room, lined with computer monitors. From here, Microchip kept tabs on various Alchemax activities, particularly focused on the manufacture of Gene Dolls. When they entered the room, Microchip took a seat in the center of the monitors and Vendetta leaned on the back of the chair.

“What have you got?” asked Vendetta.

“Some rumors have popped up recently, and I think I may have found something out about the genetic samples Alchemax uses for Gene Doll production. In fact, I think I’ve found Zero.”

“Zero?” asked Vendetta.

“Code for the primary donor,” said Microchip. “Y’know, like Patient Zero for a disease.”

“What about her?” asked Vendetta.

“Well, she’s still alive,” said Microchip. “And she’s still being held in an Alchemax facility on—get this—Earth.”

“You must be joking,” said Vendetta.

“’Fraid not, V. Our ‘mother’ is still alive. And she’s a prisoner of Alchemax.”


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